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“Podium Domination: Triumph in Olympic Discipline

Cricket is not a game in India; it is treated as a religion by its followers and cricketers as Gods. As in such case, Cricket News becomes a very important aspect for the followers who are enthusiastic about this game and treat it as important event of their lives. Be it the Breaking News when Sehwag scored 219 runs to become the top scorer in the ODI’s or when Sachin become the first cricketer to score a 200* in ODI’s, the excitement has never stopped about the cricketing news.

On the contrary to that where Cricket is given berita harian bola so much of adoration, other sports are often neglected and their players are often deprived of the importance that they should follow. They had to have high endurance of spirit to play for their nation which has a very feeble support for other sports. In that scenario, Breaking News about the players excelling in such sports often plays an important role which highlights their achievements and often encourages others to follow their path. With such huge burden of expectations on their shoulders, very few are able to show it the performance. Often we see, after being into lime-light and fuss, over-confidence drowns them down deep from where they are unable to recover to peak.

Media houses play an equally important role by publishing the Sports news which deserves to come into the picture. Be it the junior women Hockey team who have won the first ever medal- Bronze in the world cup events, all the players of the team deserves appreciation as well as recognition at highest level possible in India. That would encourage other players to come forward for the game and extract the best out of there selves. But this reputation has been never a trending case in India, where a Sport is appreciated when on its high and later forgotten completely.

It is time to bring the change, both in terms of mentality towards a game and its players. No game is superior to any other game and players excelling in the international level should be given credit for their achievement in their respective games. The Sports news should always be given equal importance as the Cricket News in our country, then only we can fetch an environment to the coming generation where they doesn’t have any biased approach towards a game. The very first such similar step has already been taken by our junior women Hockey team, it just need to carry on with the momentum.